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Fishing Magician Charters
Yscloskey Hwy. Shell Beach, LA USA
(504) 676-3317
(504) 239-3159
(504) 663-0475
Email: fishingmagiciancharters@yahoo.com

   Fishing Magician Charters is a dedicated owned and operated business with insured and licensed captains. Based in Shell Beach, Louisiana, it is run by the well-known "Fishing Magician," Capt. Johnny Nunez, with two of his sons, Capts. John and Jason Nunez, following in the footsteps of their father.

   For generations, the Nunez family has lived and fished the bayous of St. Bernard Parish. Born and raised in the rustic village outside of New Orleans, Johnny Nunez began working for Campo’s Marina in the 1960s, cleaning and maintaining the rental cypress skiffs. By the age of 12, he began working on a bait boat for the marina’s owner, Frank "Blackie" Campo's son. During this time, he began learning what areas held the most shrimp and baitfish. He soon found out that these were the same areas that held the most fish.
   "I’ve been in these marshes for as long as I can remember," said Nunez. "My dad had a camp in the Biloxi marsh, where we’d hunt, fish and trap. We’d go down there for days at a time. We wouldn’t bring any food at all. He showed us how to live off the land and water."

   Nunez became known as one of the best young anglers in the area. Based on his uncanny ability to catch fish in any condition, he soon became known as "The Fishing Magician."

   "I don’t believe that there is any place, anywhere, that can top the fishing in this area," Nunez said. "For speckled trout and redfish there is nothing else like it."

   Like much of coastal Louisiana, the Lake Borgne, Mississippi River Gulf Outlet, and Breton Sound areas have seen much change. But the one thing has remained constant – the fishing. These marshes with its intricate system of bayous, canals, bays, and open-water oil fields, offer anglers a multitude of diverse habitats and environs, which hold every saltwater coastal species imaginable.

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